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Human Resources Strategy

To facilitate our business’ rapid growth, we have adopted a series of human resources strategies to attract, nurture and retain talent to execute our business expansion. We mainly select our management staff organically through internal promotion but will also externally recruit talent in the property management industry who complement our development strategy and corporate culture.
We tailor our training programmes to various levels of management from entry-level staff to senior management to address their need for different skill sets. To supplement our recruiting and training efforts, we will continue developing our long-term relationships with professional institutions and industrial organisations for strategy planning as well as establishing various training camps. Our online training courses also provide timely and attractive learning opportunities for our employees. In addition, we have implemented various employee recognition initiatives and rewards, such as a star-rating evaluation system, to further improve their performance in service quality and job experience.
We design competitive compensation packages and performance review systems. Through regular performance reviews, stipends, bonuses and special contractual arrangements, we incentivise our employees and boost productivity by ensuring compensation is tied to performance. Furthermore, our internal mobility programmes allow us to offer wider and long- term career development opportunities to our staff and retain talent.